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Loss Control Services

  • Bi-annual Recommendation and Compliance inspections on the jobsite
    Engineers go to the jobsite of each of our insureds 2 times per year to visually inspect the job. We verify that the insured is working within our parameters for safety and answer any questions that they may have.

  • Defensive Driving courses
    We provide a defensive driving training course for our insured truck drivers. The course is designed to instruct and refresh them on safety issues while on the road.

  • Instruction on DOT record-keeping
    We visit with the insured, review their DOT documentation and offer guidelines on what records must be maintained and for how long.

  • OSHA Compliance
    Workplace safety is of paramount importance in our industry. We provide training and instruction on OSHA requirements and help our insured to become OSHA compliant.

  • OSHA Record-keeping
    We offer instruction on what OSHA records and logs must be maintained and why.

  • Safety Training
    We discuss safety issues with our insured at the jobsite and offer training on how functions can be done safely. We occasionally hold safety meetings in the woods with our insured and cover issues specifically dealing with the cutting, loading and shipping of timber.

  • PPE requirements
  • Tall ImageOur engineers discuss with the insured what Personal Protective Equipment is required, how to use it and what needs to be worn for each job on the site.

  • Accident Investigations
  • Our engineers meet with the insured after accidents, gather details, take pictures and evaluate the situation, document what happened, why it happened and how it could have been avoided.

  • Future CPR and First Aid training
    We plan to offer on-site CPR and First Aid training to our insured in the near future.

  • Provide Safety program and policies
    We provide a written safety program and safety policies to our insured. The program and policies cover various areas dealing with safety while working in the woods. Hazardous material and blood-borne pathogens are covered in this material.
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